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Tuneup $55

I'm a bit picky so I do everything on a basic tuneup. Wheels trued, hubs adjusted, drivetrain cleaned, brakes and gears adjusted, cables lubed, bb adjusted and cups checked for tightness, and everything snugged down the way it should be.

Wheel true $16

Truing with an emphasis on even and proper spoke tension.  If you have a wheel you've been told is unstraightenable, bring it in, because l love a challenge. 

Wheel Build $38

I estimated one time that I'd built over 2000 wheels.  But that was in 2008.  So it has to be quite a lot more than that by now! You'll be able to play your new, perfectly-tensioned wheel like a harp, but it will have just 2 notes, one for each side.   

Brake Adjustment $12

Derailleur Adjustment $12

Flat Fix – $8 + tube

Drivetrain Clean – $16

Hub/BB/HS Overhaul – $18

Fork Overhaul – $75 + parts

Shock Overhaul – $65 + parts

Brake Bleed – $18