The Bike Shop

We have bikes for sale, used and new, as well as sundries and supplies for your outdoor adventures.  Is there something you’d like to see in stock? Just let us know!

Who we are

Our Story

We came to Alton to enjoy the Ontario countryside and the beauty the Caledon area has to offer.  We’re excited to share our love of cycling with friends old and new.

Stephan Schneider


Steph started mountain biking in the woods of Maine as a kid and has worked in bike shops from Maine to California, including time in Toronto.  Steph can fix anything and if you need a part that doesn’t exist, he’ll make it.  He also enjoys riding bikes as much as fixing them.

Shannon McCauley

Co-founder and tire-changer

Shannon has enjoyed riding bikes since she was a kid and now loves exploring Ontario’s trails.

What’s behind the name?

Lynx and Hare Cycles is named for a bit of Canadian history and science.  In Canada’s boreal forests the populations of two species, the Canada lynx and the snowshoe hare, undergo dramatic population cycles through time.  These populations track each other with booms in the population of the snowshoe hare being followed in time by growth in the population of their predator, the lynx.  This is followed by a crash in the hare population, closely followed by declines in the number of lynx.  The description of the ecological pattern was derived by from trapping records kept by the Hudson’s Bay Co. since the early 1800s.  The study of the relationship between these two populations was an early example of using mathematical relationships between predator and prey populations to describe how they can influence each other.  This relationship has also generated research by a number of scientists from Canada and around the world.  On-going research has provided new insights into the ecology of these species and Canada’s northern ecosystems.  Steph first heard about the lynx and hare cycles as an undergraduate and thought “that would be a cool name for a bike shop” while Shannon has lectured on the lynx and hare cycles more times than she can recall in teaching undergraduate courses in ecology. Together they thought – this is what we need to call our shop.  It is an homage to the great Canadian wilderness and all those that enjoy it and work to protect it. Plus, they’re just amazing and speedy animals, sort of like riders from our shop.